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Most Popular IV Therapy Package in 918 CHIROPRACTIC

Mobile Vitamin IV Therapy in Tulsa, OK

Our 918 IV facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers customized Nutritional IV Therapy, a method that involves infusing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Our goal is to provide personalized IV vitamin therapy tailored to your specific needs. By delivering concentrated doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids intravenously, we aim to address a range of conditions and enhance your overall well-being.

Through our researched and designed IV vitamin formulations, we offer effective support for various concerns including sleep, immunity, hyper- or hypothyroidism, hydration, and more. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your nutrient levels and ensuring maximum absorption and utilization by your body.

Our team is dedicated to tailoring IV nutrient therapy to your specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking improvements in sleep, immunity, thyroid function (hyper- or hypothyroidism), hydration, or other concerns, our customized IV vitamin formulations have been carefully researched and designed to offer you the most effective support.

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How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy is an effective way to flush out toxins and directly infuse nutrients and medications into the bloodstream for rapid recovery. Our staff is highly trained to find a vein quickly and infuse your custom IV in less than an hour.

Hydration IV Therapy and Vitamin IV Infusion Therapy will Help with:

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