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Meet Dr. Hunter Alario

Meet Dr. Hunter Alario, our skilled chiropractic doctor at 918 Chiropractic.

Dr. Hunter Alario is a firm believer that the body can most effectively “heal through hands,” when the root cause of concern is addressed. He expertly delivers on this belief and knowledge, with his patients, at the 918 Chiropractic location in Owasso.

Dr. Alario has always been interested in healthcare. He graduated from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, with the desire to go into the medical field. His path took a turn, after a foot injury led him through a maze of specialists that would only offer surgery; never getting to the root cause of the problem. It was by chance, that a friend, who was on his way to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, would invite him to check out a prospective student weekend. There, Dr. Alario found a fit for what he went into Kinesiology for, in the first place. “I chose to become a chiropractor after making a connection with the idea that the nervous system is the fuse box to true, natural health.”

Dr. Hunter Alario and his wife, Kelsie, have one amazing little boy Rhett. The Alario family feels blessed to call the Owasso area their home.


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