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Becoming the Best You

Since 2013, 918 Chiropractic has been helping the Tulsa community feel and live better.

Dr. Matt was honored to be recognized in the Oklahoma Magazine Top Doctors Medical Issue in 2013, 2014, and 2016. He was one of only four chiropractors chosen in the state. Dr. Matt is passionate about helping you meet your goals and be the best version of yourself possible.

This caring chiropractor truly wants to take care of the Tulsa community. From athletes to the elderly, Dr. Matt and his team welcome patients of all ages to live and feel better. “We’re all about helping others by taking care of patients as best we can.”


Meet Dr. Matt Griswold

Discovering Chiropractic Care

After witnessing his mother suffer from back pain for years, Dr. Griswold planned to become a chiropractor. “Seeing someone you love in pain can really put things into perspective.”

His mother had back surgery when he was 15 years old, and a few years later she was back in massive pain. “From that point on I was on a search to find out how to keep people from such pains as my mother had.

Before he embarked on a career in chiropractic, Dr. Griswold grew up playing football in a small town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, called Mountain View. He went on to the University of Arkansas, where he was asked to be an Arkansas cheerleader. Although he had never even thought of being a cheerleader, he was always impressed by the guys holding a girl in the air with only one arm. “So, I went for it.” While cheering on the field, he was intrigued by how the structure of the human body affects function. This curiosity led him to complete his Bachelors’ of Science and Education. At college, Dr. Griswold discovered a career path that he loved, and met his best friend, and wife, during freshman year.

Education & Career
Immediately following his graduation from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Griswold attended Life University in Marietta, GA. After finishing the four years of required clinical and coursework, Dr. Griswold graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. “It gives me great joy that I am able to steer people toward being their personal best.”

Family Man
Dr. Griswold and his wife, Claire are embracing life as a family with their two little girls. Dedicated to his patients and his family, Dr. Griswold looks forward to a bright future here in Tulsa, helping the community one person at a time. Could you be next? If you need any of my services, head our way and let’s get started. Give us a call today (918) 212-8688.

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Encourage and steer people towards their personal best.

Seeing someone you love in pain can really put things into perspective.

  • Brittany H
    Dr. John is wonderful! I went to him after I got in a bad car accident. Not only has he helped get my neck and back aligned he has also helped me with sleep, my thyroid and anxiety. I have never felt better! Would recommend to any and everyone!
    Brittany H
  • Sarah C.
    I had a GREAT experience at 918 Chiropractic! The staff was super helpful and friendly. Dr. Griswold was efficient and helped me feel better all while explaining to me what was going on with my spine and related issues.
    Sarah C.
  • Staci M
    Dr. Matt and his staff are incredible! Dr. Matt takes his time to research and explain your injuries and get a plan together for your care. His staff is always very polite, positive, helpful and they do it with a smile on their face. Go see them, you'll be taking well care of.
    Staci M
  • WT
    Dr. John Owens is great ! Well trained and experienced, as well as personable and friendly ! His assistant Cayse, is also very friendly and helpful. I had been to a few Chiropractors before, years ago. None of them achieved the significant improvement to my senior spine, that 918 in Jenks was able to.